The picture above shows the frame of a 22/28hp loco and its wheels & running gear.

Here is an extract from a R&H catalogue of circa 1938.


"A feature of the springing is that the axles move up and down on a radius of the driving chains, the radius rods providing an easy and accessible chain adjustment. This method of springing eliminates
chain snatch on an uneven track, or when the driver puts his clutch in suddenly with a heavy load".

"The springing is independent of the frame and is not held in vertical horn plates which are liable to
wear. Another feature of the springs is that there is no bolt hole through the centre of the leaves. What is therefore a very weak spot eventually leading to fracture is eliminated".


"One of the reasons why the Ruston loco stands up so well to its work is its massive and rigid con-
struction. The frame is built up of rolled steel sections to form one single piece including the spring
guides and radius rod attachments. There is consequently no danger of rivets or bolts working loose, nor of the frame becoming distorted in use".