17th June 2003

The Ruston Class 48DS & 88DS Locomotives

By David Hall. 

This new publication provides an insight into the development of the two smallest, predominantly standard gauge, locomotive types in the Ruston & Hornsby range.

Includes 24 B&W photographs, many from Rustons archives. Also features 4 G.A. drawings to the popular modelling scale of 1:34.5 (7mm/ft.) and one cutaway drawing. A full works list of both classes and a list of surviving UK examples is included.

A5 size, 60 pages, laser printed with  colour printed card covers.

A Guide to Ruston Narrow Gauge Locomotives (3rd Edition)

By David Hall

This, the 3rd edition of our popular guide, is much improved on the 2nd edition in terms of content and reproduction - photocopying has given way to quality laser printing. Most of the sketches have been replaced by archive photos. More information is included for some of the locomotive types and a brief history of the Ruston & Hornsby company (by Ray Hooley) has been included by way of an introduction. It includes 49 B&W photographs - many previously unpublished. There are also 17 G.A, drawings reproduced to the modelling scale of 1:35.

A5 size, 60 pages, laser printed with card covers.

Each of the above is priced £5.95 plus Post & Packing (50p UK,£1 in EU, £2 elsewhere) and is available from:

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