Coolnagan Peat Co Ltd, Co Westmeath, 4th April 2000. 40DL, w/n 252240. 3ft gauge.

 Rebuilt by Bord na Mona, it was built in 1947 in a batch of 11 locos specifically for Bord na Mona. 

Photo: Steve Thomason.

Bord na Mona, Croghan Briquette factory, Co Offaly, 5th April 2000. 48DL, w/n 394028. 3ft gauge.

 LM149, although like all the other Rustons in service with Bord na Mona, has been rebuilt and re-engined, it has retained the characteristic Ruston cab with the round side window. This was taken just 3 weeks before the factory closed down.

Photo: Steve Thomason.

Glenties Turf Co-Op Society Ltd, Co Donegal, 3rd April 2000. LBT, w/n 7002/0600/1. 2ft gauge.

This loco is normally used out on the bog. This is one of the few LBT locos still in industrial service, and is surprising to find it still in near original condition.

Photo: Steve Thomason.