The 48DS was one of the smallest standard gauge locomotives available in Britain and the smallest to be built by Rustons.

Originally, as 44/48HP, they were classed in with their narrow gauge counterparts as they used the same engines, gearboxes, and other components. It was only with the introduction of the new classification scheme from around 1942 that the narrow gauge loco became 48DL (Diesel Locomotive) and the standard gauge became 48DS (Diesel Shunter) from w/n 203040 onwards.  
The type was developed from Rustons first standard gauge locomotive, w/n 177530 (below). This loco was the only standard gauge Ruston to use a Lister engine, the other 44/48s used the Ruston 4VRO unit.

The photo above (loco w/n 182148) shows the production body style with the early type of cab.

Locomotives built from the war years had larger wheels, a slightly different cab and detail changes to the cab steps and axlebox guards etc. From the mid 1940s, the 4VRH engine became standard, this being replaced by the 4YC from 1957. The final slight changes to the class involved an enclosed cab and deep buffer beams.

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Rustons own shunters

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