Only four of these small locomotives were built between 1938 and 1940 although a fifth was ordered but cancelled without being built. W/n 192892 was ex-works in November 1938 to Willington gravels Ltd. near Burton-on-Trent and was featured at work there in Rustons publication No. 8144 "10/13 H.P. DIESEL LOCO"(1939). W/n 198226 was displayed at the Lincolnshire show and later at the Royal Windsor Show in 1939 before going to work at Bairds & Dalmellington Ltd., Dunaskin, Ayrshire. The only known survivor, w/n 198228, ex-works in August 1940, went to work for Geo. Bald, Goat Quarry, Aberdour, Fife, and had several industrial owners before being saved for preservation. It is now owned by the author of this website. The last built was w/n 198230, this was exported to South Africa via Ruston agents Hubert Davies. All were fitted with single cylinder Ruston 1VSO diesel engines and a two-speed version of the patent gearbox, the latter being something that was fitted only to this class and a small number of 11/13 H.P. locomotives. Although, from the illustration below, it would appear that these locomotives were tank cooled, they did in fact have a single radiator, placed centrally at the front.

10/13 H.P. locomotive w/n 192892, prior to finish painting and lining, on the test track at Rustons' works, 1938. Note the buffer / coupler blocks that seem to have been unique to this class of locomotives.